Scheduled time:

Monday and Tuesday : 1 : 20 - 1 : 50 PM

Third Grade Science Online Class

Fifth Grade Science Online Class

Due to a possible school closure we will switch to remote learning for all of your students’ core classes. 

For elementary science classes, 2nd grade to 5th grade, I will be posting assignments in the google drive folder linked below. All assignments will also be posted into quickschools. 

Please note that your child will need his or her textbook. If your child does not have a textbook, the school may provide an opportunity for your child's book to be collected on Sunday. The textbooks are still school property; if they are damaged or lost, you will have to replace them. 

Please follow the link below to your child’s specific science class. For each class, I will be available during the scheduled time for questions or concerns.

Second Grade Science Online Class

Scheduled time:

Monday and Tuesday : 1 : 55 - 2 : 35 PM

Fourth Grade Science Online Class

Scheduled time:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday : 11 : 00 - 12 : 00 PM

Scheduled time:

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday : 2 : 30 - 3 : 30 PM