6th Grade ELA Online Classroom

Tuesday, March 17 2020:

View:  How to write about literature - setting. 
Practice: Demonstrative Adjectives identification and vocabulary practice. 

Class Discussion: Setting in our class novel and your independent reading book. 

Create: A graphic organizer and picture based on the setting of your independent reading novel + notes on the setting of our novel. 

Homework: Read Out of the Dust. 

Friday, March 20 2020:

Quiz‚Äč: Grammar and Vocabulary

Class Discussion: Historic Fiction writing - planning your story.

Write: Given a graphic organizer, plan your historic fiction story out.

Homework: Read Out of the Dust. 

Monday, March 16 2020:

View: Demonstrative Adjectives and new vocabulary (unit 18) Lesson. 
Practice: Demonstrative Adjectives identification

In-Class reading: The Earth by Navarre Scott (Poem)

Class discussion: Questions based on the poem.

Write: Poetry Analysis Journal on the short story we read.  

Homework: Read Out of the Dust. 

Thursday, March 19 2020:

View: How to write historic fiction - research
Practice: Demonstrative Adjectives identification and vocabulary review. 

Class Discussion: Out of the dust reading and writing historic fiction.

Create: Given a graphic organizer, write down notes for your historic fiction writing.

Homework: Read Out of the Dust. 

Meeting time: 11:00 AM to 12 :00 AM

Wednesday, March 18 2020:

View: Writing historic fiction - introduction.
Practice: Identification and usage of demonstrative adjectives and new vocabulary.

Class Discussion: Out of the Dust reading as historic fiction. 

Write: Given an assigned era, brainstorm a character you would write about in a journal

Homework: Read Out of the Dust.