Wednesday, March 25 2020:

​View: Types of sentences - Lesson review

Practice: Types of sentences, vocabulary usage practice. 

Class Discussion: Chapter 2 of Animal Farm, with a focus on 'Animalism' and the characters of Napoleon and Snowball. 

Homework: Read Chapter 3 of Animal Farm. 

Thursday, March 26 2020:

Kahoot Challenge! 

Class Discussion: Chapter 3 of The Giver

Write: Which persuasive technique does Squealer use in his speech? 

Homework: None. Quiz tomorrow! 

Meeting Time : 10 : 00 AM to 11 : 00 AM

Monday, March 23 2020:

​View: Sentence Structure + new vocabulary for the week lesson

Practice: New vocabulary usage and identifying different sentence structures.

Class Discussion: Allegory/symbolic meaning of animals.

Write: Literary Analysis of assigned fables. 

Homework: Read Chapter 1 of Animal Farm

Friday, March 27 2020:

​Vocabulary and Grammar Quiz!

Homework: Read chapter 4 of Animal Farm

8th Grade ELA Online Class

Tuesday, March 24 2020:

​View: Sentence Structure lesson.

Practice:  Identifying/writing different types of sentences and vocabulary usage/definitions practice.  

Class Discussion: Chapter 1 of Animal Farm. 

Create: A short journal comparing the assigned excerpt from Lenin's speech to the speech given by Old Major in Chapter 1.

Homework: Read chapter 2 of Animal Farm.