8th Grade

Theme: Issues affecting our community

As the oldest students in our school, and exemplary scholars, the 8th graders were given the freedom to choose what topics affected their community the most. All of them chose to focus on their academic community!

They had to research their topics, and find evidence to support their claims. 

Following their research, the students wrote an outline for a persuasive speech, and then drafted a compelling speech. 

Students then created a visual aid in the form of a google slide show that would best illustrate their speeches. They practiced, and gave wonderful speeches! 

Bianca Shabat

Topic: Why you should sign your kids up for sports!

Teacher's note: Bianca's passion for her topic was evident from the first day. She put together a very competent speech, and delivered it excellently. I personally liked the point she made about establishing healthy habits! Well done, Bianca! 

Pazi Oz

Topic: No School Uniforms!

Teacher's note: As the resident thespian, Pazi's speaking skills were never in doubt! He picked a topic he clearly feels strongly about. I enjoyed the connection he made between self-expression and uniforms. Well done! 

First Place Winner: Eliyahu Tisona!
Topic: No Homework!

Teacher's note: Eli's dedication does not cease to impress me. He completed both the research and the writing portion of our fair project early. However, he did not simply rest on his laurels - he practiced his speech frequently, and adjusted his visual aid as needed to reflect his growing comfort in front of an audience. 

The result speaks for itself! Great job, Eli! I think you almost have me convinced!

Jacob Gershkovich

Topic: Cellphones in the classroom

Teacher's note: Jacob presented a very well researched speech about how cellphones can be used positively in the classroom. His argument that students can and should learn to responsibly use cell phones was very well delivered! 

Emily Dorfman

‚ÄčTopic: Should students choose their own classes?

Teacher's note: Emily presented her speech very eloquently! She made some excellent points about why choice for students increases their engagement in classes, and in school. Well done, Emily!


Maria Ioffe

Topic: Competition is good for students!

Teacher's note: Maria's research was impeccable! She found a lot of facts to support her view that competition is not just good, but preferable and necessary. Her vocal delivery was eloquent, and I am very proud of her for all of her hard work! 

Middle School Social Studies Fair 2020

Second Place Winner: Romia Sayag!

Topic: Should Students be allowed to use cellphones in the classroom?

Teacher's note: Romia did a wonderful job putting her thoughts to paper. Her speech was quite convincing, and well delivered. It showed that she practiced frequently! Additionally, her visual aid was very well put together.

Impressive job, Romia!  

Jessely Levin

Topic: Schools should have shorter days.

Teacher's note: Jessely's topic came to her instantly. She made a very passionate argument for shorter school days, and found great research to support her claims. Wonderfully done! 

‚ÄčI quite enjoyed the giant clock.