A nationwide campaign to empower Jewish Day Schools 
           to attract, recruit, and retain students from 
​                          Russian-speaking Jewish families


                                  · There are approximately 700,000 Russian-speaking Jews in USA

                                  · Less than 10% send their children to Jewish Day Schools

                                  · Very few have a meaningful connection to Judaism, yet many

      strongly identify with Israel and the Jewish people


It is URGENT to attract Russian-speaking  Jewish families to Jewish Day Schools TODAY as the potential of LOSING the families due to complete assimilation within next 10-15 years is a real and highly probable threat.



  • Provide guidance in outreach and marketing to your local Russian-speaking Jewish communities
  • Help you develop special programming aimed at engaging the Russian-speaking Population
  • Provide consulting services to develop rigorous and accelerated secular curriculum that appeals to the standards of the Russian-speaking Jewish community and beyond
  • Assist in finding a way of alleviating a fear or hesitation associated with attending a Jewish Day School within the Russian-speaking Jewish community


  • Increasing enrollment of students from Russian-speaking Jewish families
  • Curriculum Enhancement in areas such as:

           * Semi-Departmentalizing

           * STEM Enriched Environment

           * Singapore Math Curriculum

           * Diversified and Multi-Sensory Instruction

  • An opportunity to work with a committed and devoted parent body
  • Increasing revenue for your institution


Rabbi Shlomo Uzhansky
(718) 370 7442 ext 105