SIHA’s Judaic Studies curriculum is specifically tailored to children who come from homes of limited Judaic background, introducing students to Jewish values and traditions. Our program familiarizes the students with important events in the Jewish calendar, provides fluency in the Hebrew  language and Jewish history, and also concentrates heavily on ethical development. We believe that when developed early on, qualities such as responsibility, respect for others, compassion and dignity will prepare our children for leadership positions among their peers.  Our students are introduced to:
  • Jewish Culture  
  • Hebrew Language
  • Jewish History
  • Jewish Ethics - Developing moral concepts such as: Kindness, Respect, Gratitude and Charity, Responsibility, Self-worth, Humility, Participating in Charity & Public Service Projects

Math program involves children in a variety of activities that create a foundation for mathematical understanding, problem solving, developing logic and critical thinking skills. During the brakes, kids are provided with the intellectual creative games developing their imagination and intellectual abilities. Students are involved in math activities one academic hour every day.  Math instruction occurs in both large and small group settings.
Singapore Math Curriculum:
  • Trends In International Mathematics & Science Study (TIMSS) – Singapore has been 1st since 1995, in 2011 USA was #15 out of 57 countries
Math Enrichment:
  • Real life problem solving enrichment
  • Challenging problems from Singapore Math
  • 8th grade students will be taking Integrated Algebra Regent
  • Noetic Math Olympiad

SIHA follows NYS standards for gifted curriculum, focusing on higher order thinking, literature/reading, writing (various types), speaking, and listening. Students will also develop their writing techniques through peer and individual conferences, grammar, and published pieces.
K-4th Grades:
  • Literature and Analysis
  • Poetry
  • Spelling/Vocabulary
  • Writing Ability
  • Exposing children to various reading and writing genres 
5th-8th Grades:
  • Poetry Festival
  • Shakespeare Experience – Monolog memorization
  • Newspaper club
  • Yearbook Committee  
  • SCRIPPS National Spelling Bee

K-4th Grades concentrate on Community and American History
5th-8th Grades Curriculum includes:
  • Ancient Civilizations (Early Middle East, Africa, Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Ancient China)
  • Present-Day Eastern/Western Hemisphere Geography
  • Early European history (Roman empire-WW1)
  • Higher emphasis on Modern American history: Revolutionary war-WWII (7th grade),  8th grade (WWII and beyond)
  • Analysis of American History: Influential Figures, Presidents
  • Political Science: Supreme Court Cases, Law, Diplomacy
  • Government/Economics
Social Studies Fair:
  • Prior topics War and Peace in Israel, Notable people throughout time, Countries 

K-4th grades - follows NY DOE suggested common core curriculum in combination with activities that make it hands-on learning. 4th grade participates in the New York state science test
5th grade - Life Science, Environmental, Health, and Astronomy
6th grade - Physical and Geological Science
7th grade - Chemistry: lab science, periodic table, compounds, mixtures, electricity, magnetism, and waves. Reproduction, Heredity & Evolution, and Humans in their environment.
8th grade - Scientific Inquiry (Science papers- qualitative vs quantitative research), cell structure/function, basic biochemistry, nutrition, photosynthesis, respiration, mitosis, meiosis, genetics, protein synthesis, evolution, classification, plants, animals, systems of the body, ecology, human impacts on the environment. 1,200 min of required lab
Science Fair:
  • K-4 are involved with understanding the Scientific Method inclusive of the vocabulary associated with it Earth Science, Metric System
  • 5th -6th grades will be learning scientific facts and using the fair to demonstrate concepts learned
Discovery Day:
An opportunity for SIHA students to engage in education within a multi-sensory and multi-informative approach about one topic. Studies have shown that such a teaching modality is one of the most effective ways children can learn about a given subject

  • Mayim Chaim - Water is life
  • Energy
  • 8th grade students will be taking Living Environment OR Earth Science Regent
  • 3M/ Discovery Young Scientist Challenge
  • ExploraVision for Science Club members
  • National STEM Video Game Challenge for Science Club Members
  • 8th Grade students will be participating in GOOGLE Science Competition

In today's world, technology literacy is as important as learning to read. It provides access to information and the world. Students will learn to create digital content, draw and type. 
  • Know basic computer terminology and identify functions of a computer
  • Use the keyboard and mouse to log in and navigate on the computer
  • Navigate to age-appropriate educational Internet sites
  • Open and run a software program

Building a foundation of fundamental vocabulary and essential language structure. Develop the Russian language skills, such as reading, writing and social interactions.
  • 8th Grade students will be taking a Foreign Language Regent


The Art curriculum includes Art Appreciation and Theory where students are learning about famous artists and their techniques. Students explore different media such as drawing, painting, and crafts and develop an understanding of design, including shape, line, texture, pattern, and color.  Many lessons are incorporated with the holidays. We visit museums to visualize art from around the world. 


Music Theory and Appreciation
  • Choir
  • Performances in school, concert halls, and at various community events