Yelena, a proud SIHA parent:

Imagine your ideal school, as SIHA parent, I am proud to say that I don’t have to! Picture colorful classrooms, dynamic teachers, and great extracurricular activities. SIHA has all three parameters when it comes to an “Ideal” school: practical, philosophical, extracurricular. With a practical aspect, your child is being picked and dropped to and from school door to door, there is no need for before and after school care since it is provided by SIHA staff. Philosophical elements would include smaller teacher/child ration. In addition, SIHA provides multi-sensory approach to learning. SIHA teachers are equipped with the latest and innovative educational research on teaching techniques. Their Judaic program is tailored to provide kids with Jewish values and traditions and provide fluency in Hebrew language and Jewish history. Extracurricular elements include a math enrichment program, logic, Russian as a foreign language, an amazing music and art program taught by established experts in these fields. How does your child’s school measure up to SIHA?

Julia, a proud SIHA parent:

Our son started kindergarten in a New York City public school. We were happy with the education he was getting, but felt there was something missing—that something was a Jewish education. So when it was time for first grade, we decided to send him to SIHA and never looked back. Now, four years later, we have two children in SIHA who are receiving a top-notch education and look forward to going to school every morning. They have a challenging math curriculum, read above grade level, learn languages (both Hebrew and Russian), study music, science, and learn what it means to be a Jew and the importance of Jewish values and traditions. SIHA also makes our lives as working parents a lot easier.  The after school program not only offers homework assistance, but also keeps the kids occupied in many enriching activities. And last, but not least, everyone involved with the school truly cares and is invested in the school’s success. SIHA is a true community where teachers, administrators and parents are part of a team, where all good ideas are valued and welcomed. Join us!