Is SIHA a Yeshiva?

SIHA is a private school that features a meaningful Judaic component which is centered on Jewish Identity, Culture, Values, and love for the State of Israel. While guiding our students on a path to discovery of their heritage, much emphasis is placed on their character development and appreciation for personal growth. We believe that the interests of SIHA as a Judaic and educational institution are served best by a student body drawn from all parts of the Jewish community and from all walks of life. To this end, we attempt to make available to all interested families the opportunity for the study of Judaism and Jewish culture and traditions.

As a private school, in what way is SIHA held accountable for the quality of its education?

We follow well known programs that are already established with recognized validity within the curriculum and it's implementation such as, Singapore Math. Our students take the latest standardized tests such as the Stanford Achievement Test and the State Common Core Test for English Language Arts and Mathematics which ensures educational accountability on our part.

How is SIHA supported financially?
Currently at SIHA, tuition and fees provide only about 60% of our annual budget. Historically, Jewish education has been regarded as a communal responsibility and not just a parental obligation. Therefore, we ask you, a member of our community, for your support and are grateful for your contribution.

What are the tuition & fees at the Staten Island Hebrew Academy?
The tuition is $10,000 for the year, which includes the basic After-School program.  Additional after-school programming and specialized classes will incur additional fees..  Scholarships are available based on a thorough financial evaluation.

Will you "brainwash" my children with religion?
As an institution geared to children of limited Judaic backgrounds, the children will discover the beauty of their heritage in a non-pressuring, nurturing, and harmonious atmosphere. And while our goals include fluency in the Hebrew language, awareness of Jewish culture and superb familiarity with Jewish history, much effort is made to assure that harmony at home is always a priority.

Will lunches be included in the cost of tuition?
Lunches are NOT included into the tuition cost. Parents will have 2 options:
1.     Pre-order lunch for about $3-4.5 per day.
2.     Provide a non-meat lunch from home.
Please contact us for Kashruth details.

You may refer to the schedule to see our dining roster.