Dear 5th Grade Parents,
In preparation for potential school closures, SIHA is working towards developing an online curriculum to ensure learning can continue uninterrupted. In order for this to work well, we will need your cooperation and assistance. Should school be cancelled, lessons will continue through assignments on google classroom. Classes will be held at hours specified below, and attendance will be taken for school records. Any work missed will need to be made up.
Students will need daily, individual access to a computer with internet access (they will not be able to share with siblings). They will also need any school supplies and books we typically use during class time. 


Students will be given school emails shortly, and invited to join google classes for each of our classes.

In order to use Google Classroom, students will need to create an account using their issued SIHA emails. They will also need to use the following codes to access the classes:

Math: ccthufa

ELA:  gwd2xls

SS:    44hg62q

Science: h64t6ta

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via quickschools

Fifth Grade Online Classes