First Grade Online Classes

Dear 1st Grade Parents,

In preparation for the possible forced school closures, SIHA is working towards developing an online curriculum to ensure our students continue in their educational endeavors. Although we are creating the curriculum and schedule to best suit our students, your cooperation and support at home will be imperative. Together we will be able to help them preserve the skills they have learned already and gather new knowledge so vital to their academic success.

If the need arises, our school will continue to conduct lessons daily through virtual classes on Zoom. The assignments will be available either through the school’s website or via email. Classes will be held on Zoom at specific times during regular school hours. If the following plan does not meet our expectations, you will be notified with necessary modifications and instructions.

Your child will need to have daily access to a computer with WiFi and his/her school tools (notebooks, pencils, folders, books). Once we begin a lesson, attendance will be taken for school records. Any work that will need to be completed will be provided through the school’s website in our class sections.

Instructions will be sent to your email regarding Zoom. This will give your child access to the virtual classroom, which will work similar to Skype or FaceTime. Students will meet according to the schedule below.

We greatly appreciate your patience and cooperation during this difficult time. We hope to make this transition to distance learning as smooth as possible. Thank you for all of your efforts. I look forward to working with you and your child.


​Mrs. Adams

1st Grade Class Schedule