School Closure Information
Dear Parents,
Due to school closure, class will now be given online. Here are the details of how Fourth Grade Judaic classes will run. My goal is to make this the smoothest possible experience for you and your child, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns at or at 732-232-3083.
All the best,
Miss Rubinfeld

Video Conference; Zoom
•       We will meet through the zoom platform. I will send you a link through which you will be able to connect to the class. You may need to download the software or app, depending on the device.
•       All students are expected to have audio and visual capabilities. During class it will be necessary for me to be able to see and hear each student. Please make sure that the device being used is stable (does not need to be held by the student) and is plugged into a power source.
•       When the students log in to the video conference please make sure that they are in quiet place, can be seen, can hear, and are NOT on mute. As the host of the conference I will have the ability to control their settings and will mute and unmute as necessary. Students should be sitting at a proper desk/table and dressed appropriately.
Daily Schedule/Lesson Plan.
•       In order to reduce errors and technical problems for our young students, the children are expected to remain on the zoom chat during lessons even while completing quiet/individual work.
•       Attendance will be taken before and after every class.
•       The night before every class I will email all sheets that need to be printed out before the next class.
•       All students are expected to have the required printouts as well as supplies (paper, pencils, erasers, crayons, scissors, glue stick, tissues, etc.) at the time that class begins. Students who do not have the required materials will have trouble following the class, and points will be deducted from their grade.
•       Specifically, because we will begin learning about Pesach/Passover, I would like each student to come to class each day with a Ziploc bag where they can store all cutouts that will hopefully be used on Pesach/Passover.
•       A scan or picture of classwork and homework, or any other assignment, will need to be submitted to me at and will be graded. Grades will be able to be seen on Quickschools. I will let you know in the daily schedule which items will need to be submitted.
•       All submitted work will be graded in a timely fashion and will be returned with corrections. Students should look over their work to see the mistakes they made

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