Rabbi Shlomo Uzhansky - Dean 
Rabbi Uzhansky was born in Kiev, Ukraine, and raised in Philadelphia. Prior to receiving his rabbinical ordination from Lakewood's Beth Medresh Gvoah, he studied in Yeshivot both in Israel and the U.S. Rabbi U, as he is most commonly known as, spent much time developing culturally sensitive programming for Russian-speaking Jews across the United States. His great passion is creating opportunities for Jewish people of all backgrounds to meaningfully connect to their heritage.

Dr. Chana Uzhansky – Educational Supervisor
Dr. Uzhansky (aka- Morah Chana) was born in Philadelphia, PA to a family of former refuseniks, Barry and Elena Iann. After graduating from Bruriah High School, Dr. Uzhansky went on to study in Israel at B'not Torah Institute. Following her year abroad she began to pursue a career in education at Touro College and was awarded with an academic scholarship to participate in their accelerated Educators Honor's Program. Dr. Uzhansky graduated in 2003 with a Masters in Education and Special Education certified to teach students from kindergarten through twelfth grade in all subject areas specializing in Special Education and mathematics. Since graduating, she has taught in elementary, middle, and high school general and special education classrooms as well as worked with students with disabilities as an Early Intervention specialist with A.B.A experience and training. Wi
th more than a decade of experience in Leadership Administration, Dr. Uzhansky is a certified Educational Supervisor and an expert in educational evaluations and Singapore Math with a Doctorate in Exceptional Childhood Education conferred to her from Northcentral University. In addition to being the Educational Supervisor, Morah Chana, is also the 6th and 7th grade Math Teacher whose greatest passion is to learn and inspire her students to love the actual quest of knowledge. "Ain Simcha K'Hateres Sfekos", there is no joy like the resolution of doubt, is her everyday motto.

Mrs. Dina Khukhashvili - JUDAIC STUDIES Principal

Mrs. Khukhashvili is an experienced administrator and teacher, whose love of teaching shines through the many preschool and elementary school students she educated over the years. Mrs. Khukhashvili attended Preshelhevet in Israel, a program that focused on textual proficiency, and later, graduated from Sharey Bnos Ya'akov Maalot Seminary. She spent a year studying at Machon L'parnasa while simultaneously involved in a chavrusa (partnership) mentoring program at Be'er Hagolah Institutes. There, she was promoted to primary preschool and 3rd grade Judaic Studies teacher.  In 2009, Mrs. Khukhashvili’s love of teaching inspired her to establish a preschool, which catered to Eltingville’s orthodox community in Staten Island. For 6 years she independently directed and administered a detailed early childhood education. In addition to being Judaic Studies Principal, Mrs. K is also 4th grades Judaic Studies teacher. Mrs. Khukhashvili sees a part of herself in every SIHA student. Coming from an unaffiliated Jewish home herself, she relates to her students on a deeper and personal level, enabling her to better guide them on their journey through yiddishkeit. It is through her passion and commitment to every child that her students learn, develop and reach their true potential and realize the very special place they hold within the Jewish nation.

Mrs. Alexandra Slonim- GENERAL STUDIES Principal
Mrs. Slonim has more than twenty years experience in education and more than ten years of administrative experience within the parochial school sector. She received her graduate degree in Humanities and undergraduate degree in Communications from Hollins College. Mrs. Slonim is a New York state certified Early Childhood Educator. Her main goals are to immerse her students in rigorous academics,  fostering independent thinking and build their confidence to be life-long learners. Mrs. Slonim underscores the importance of imbuing children with concepts of compassion, honesty, honor, and pride in their heritage with the intention of providing students with volunteer opportunities. These opportunities increase their chances in becoming members of the National Honor Society in high school and more importantly being honorable menches throughout their lifetime. Mrs Slonim prides herself as being a team player who works together with our fantastic administrative, teaching, and parental team with one ultimate goal at hand; to educate the minds and the hearts of OUR children.  A fundamental objective of hers is to do everything possible to prepare her students for all the major assessments, including standardized high stakes testing like SHSAT and Regents in middle school. In addition to being SIHA's General Studies Principal; Mrs. Slonim is also the 5th and 7th grade ELA teacher. Mrs. Slonim feels that it is an honor to be working at SIHA and looks forward to collaborating with the amazing SIHA families because "you are the ones who make this school truly unique." 

Ilanit Dinar  - Office Manager

Ilanit Dinar, is the daughter of a Jewish Ukrainian born mother who immigrated to Israel and instilled in her children the importance of Jewish heritage. Being born in the US, Ilanit went to yeshiva her entire academic career and she graduated from Flatbush High School.  Together with her husband, she continues with sending their own children to Yeshiva as preserving Jewish heritage is something they value immensely.  Ilanit graduated from Briarcliff College with an Associate’s Degree in Business.  She obtained Series 7 and 63 License and worked in Bear Sterns as a registered sales assistant.   With her financial background she helps run SIHA’s administration efficiently. She is extremely dedicated to SIHA as she strongly believes in its mission of a great academic education while teaching the students to have a love and appreciation for their Jewish roots.