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Middle School Science

Our wondrous Mrs. Giordano was interviewed by the wondrous Josh Dinar! 

The 7th grade is learning about the blood genetic diseases and circulation. They are learning about circulation and the blood. They will be investigating genetic diseases and creating a PSA or a brochure. The 8th grade is learning about the New York state lab. 8th grade will be conducting research and completing a brochure or a research paper on a genetic disease within their family. 

Mrs. G. wants to commend Yosi for being respectful, Josh Dinar for always having an answer, Gaby for going out of her way to greet me, Eliana for pushing through a tough moment and using her coping skills to remain focused. Mrs. G. also wants to commend Yosef for helping clean up and distribute text books. 

8th Grade is having a Regent Test on Monday. State Labs are a mandated part of NYS requirement to sit for the regent. Attendance is mandatory.

Parsha Yitro

Candle lighting - 5:11PM

Shabbat ends - 6:15PM

Often times, when we wish to convey to another some important information, we know that the setting, delivery and other surrounding circumstances are key to having our message heard. Communication doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and the emotional state, prior relationship, and current attitude of the two parties will play a profound effect on what is said, and more importantly, what is heard. While some industries such as marketing or public relations are almost solely built on this concept, everyone from every walk of life and background can appreciate this reality.

When G-d gave the Torah to the Jewish people, it wasn’t simply delivered to us by Moshe Rabeinu, but was given through a climatic intense experience known as Matan Torah “the Giving of the Torah”. After leaving Egypt, the people arrived to an isolated area of the desert, where they had three days to spiritually purify and prepare themselves. The place where Moshe went to receive the Tablets of the Law was Mount Sinai, a small mountain chosen specifically for the image of humility, not being the largest of mountains. There were flowers surrounding Mount Sinai, demonstrating beauty, and the people were not allowed to approach the mountain, indicating the importance of creating a safe guard around the Torah and its precepts.

Perhaps most importantly, there was thunder, lightning and the sound of the shofar. When the people asked why this furor and fearful display was necessary, Moshe told them in order that the fear of heaven should be before you so that you will not sin. Indeed, one of the most important prerequisites to accepting the Torah is to remember there is a G-d in heaven, who watches and cares about our actions, that we should be good and upright people, and stay far from sinful behavior.

When we teach our children values and morals and all the beauty that the Torah has to offer, we must always remind them that Hashem watches what we do and how we act, and that will indeed reinforce what we teach, making sure it is heard and internalized, and motivate them to continue on a path of righteousness.

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Elimelech Rosenberg, M.Ed.
Principal, SIHA
3495 Richmond Road
Staten Island, NY 10306
718-987-9700 ext. 3


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Eighth Grade

Eighth grade had a great week! In grammar, we wrapped up our third unit with a study of subordinating, coordinating, and correlative conjunctions. We also reviewed interjections. The students are continuing their novel study of The Giver. 

In Social Studies, the class learned about the beginning of World War I, and what led to the United States becoming involved. 

Students are busily preparing for the Social Studies fair, coming up on February 20th!

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Sixth Grade

Sixth grade had a wonderful week! In Grammar, they reviewed progressive tenses and started learning about perfect tenses. They are also wrapping up their novel study of From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. In Social Studies, students continued learning about Ancient India. 

Students are also very busy preparing for their Social Studies Fair, coming on February 20th!

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Judaics Corner!


This week in Kindergarten Judaics Class, we learnt two new letters tzadik and enda tzadik. On Monday we made special Tu B'shvat crowns, we also enjoyed tasting yummy fruit! This week we also learnt about our problem solving wheel, which helps figure out what to do when we have a problem with a friend, we spoke about taking turns, and other good solutions. We also learnt about this week's parsha and enjoy singing our song about little har sinai. Shabbat Shalom!
Morah Kaplan

First Grade
In first grade, we finished learning all our Nekudot! We had a big ice cream party to celebrate the beginning of our reading Tehillim! We are getting so good at reading. This week we also got our second list of brachot keys! We are getting so good at remembering all the brachot.

Shabbat Shalom!
Morah Kaplan

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Fifth Grade

Reporting done by Orian Cohen

Fifth grade had a busy week! They started a new novel in ELA. They are busily reading The Cay. In math, the students started learning about ratios. They are all working very hard. 

In Social Studies, this week has been all about the Social Studies Fair. Students were busy writing their reports and making their trifolds.

First Grade

Our splendid Mrs. Adams was interviewed by the splendid Rachel Dym!

The first graders had a wonderful week. They read about different games people play around the world. They compared and contrasted the games they play with those other people play. They learned about seasons and how seasons affect people. They also continued learning about addition and subtraction, and employing different strategies to get the answer. 

The first graders finished their Tu B’Shvat trees!

Mrs. Adams would like to commend Abe for finishing his Social Studies Fair project!

SIHA family, friends, and our most amazing staff,

We did it! Thank you Hashem for such a unifying experience.

May SIHA only continue to grow upwards and onwards with our VISION.

By: 7th Grade Awesomeness

Middle School Math

Seventh grade practiced finding the circumference and area.  They had a quiz on Friday. Honors 7th Math is currently learning about probability and statistics. They also have a quiz on Friday! They are also going to be learning about central tendencies and measurements of variability
Eighth grade had a quiz on comparing functions with different slopes. Honors 8th grade math had a test on graphing inequalities and solving inequalities with graphs. 

Tu B'Shevat

In honor of Tu B'Shevat, each class learned about the seven special fruits of the land of Israel. In conjunction with our theme this month of gratititude, each class learned about why we should be grateful to Hashem for the holy land and its produce. 
Each class produced something which will be coming home on Monday. 
First grade made trees with the seven fruits growing on them. 
Second grade learned about each one and picked one to write about. 
Third grade learned about planting food for others.
Forth grade wrote paragraphs about Israel and its fruits
Fifth-Eight grade wrote about the land of Israel and its fruits in different ways.

Join us as we celebrate Tu B'Shevat and grow together.

A spectacular SIHA thank you to all of our donors, for keeping SIHA's vision and dream alive. 

Israel Barkin
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Third Grade

Our amazing Ms. Sasha was interviewed by the amazing Yosi Malka and Yosef Jehudai.

This week grade three explored two and three dimensional shapes. They focused on calculating the perimeter of flat shapes on paper, board, and even outside. Students also brushed up on their multiplication vocabulary such as factors and the product and refreshed their memory on some key rules and functions of multiplication. Using skills gathered in math this week, students were able to compete in the swap challenge where you literally swap the answers on the board using a fly swapper! In social studies students analyzed the meaning of an important quote by Benjamin Franklin..."“The noblest question in the world is: What good can I do in it?“ They were able to make connections not just of their role in their class, school, and community, but also the world and future.

Seventh Grade

Seventh grade had a busy week! In grammar, we reviewed perfect tenses, and used them to write. We continued reading The Master Puppeteer. Students wrote wonderful journals about different characters in the novel.  In social studies, we learned about two seminal documents: Common Sense and  The Declaration of Independence. Students are also very busy preparing their debates for the Social Studies Fair, coming up on February 20th!

Fourth Grade

In ELA, the fourth graders finished their lesson on adverbs. The students also wrote an essay on their hobbies and why these hobbies should be included in the school's curriculum. In math, they are learning how to divide decimals. In Social Studies, the students discussed current event and prepared for the Social Studies Fair. 

Second grade

Our wonderful Mrs. Dillon was interviewed by the Wonderful Michael Clift and Ethan Azaraev! 

Second graders had a busy week! In their math class, they learned about money. In ELA class, they continued reading Because of Winn Dixie. They also learned about descriptive writing and wrote beautiful sentences! Students also wrote thank you cards for all the people who help the community.

Students are busily working on their Social Studies Fair. It should be finished by Friday! 

The 2nd grade Social Studies fair is on February 25th! All of the parents are invited to attend.

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Our intrepid Ms. Syetta was interviewed by the intrepid Gaby Schwartz!

Kindergarteners had a wonderful time! In ELA, they read about the Fox and the Kit. They painted the setting of the story, and they learned all about the King of Ing and made crowns!

In Math, they played subtracting games, and learned how to add by counting by 2. In social studies, the students wrote thank you letters to a community helper, and worked on their Social Studies Fair. Ms. Syetta thinks all of her students are wonderful, but she would like to commend Robin especially for working very hard!
Ms. Gaby would like her readers to know that Ms. Syetta’s favorite pokemon is Pikachu!

Also, Ms. Syetta’s favorite thing to do is painting. Max’s favorite thing to do is playing outside! With spring coming, both Ms. Syetta and Max will get to do more of their favorite things! 

Our Social Studies Fair is on February 25th! All Parents are invited to attend.

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SIHA Newsletter

2nd Grade

We had another busy week as we are practicing for our upcoming Siddur Presentation which will G-d willing take place Feb.27th at 9:15 am in the gym. We can’t wait to see you all there. We learned about the giving of the Torah in this week’s Parsha. We discussed the 10 commandments and various ways to honor parents. As a treat we all got little chocolate Torahs in honor of Parshat Yitro. 

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Spiegel

A special thank you to all of our numerous and wonderful Anonymous donors!