This week in ELA kindergarten read all about dinosaurs and worked on their retelling skills by putting the story in sequential order. Using breakout rooms they worked in groups to write about what happened first, next, and last in the story. They worked so well together in their groups and each group did an amazing job with their writing! They learned about the two sounds y can make when it is a vowel and they practiced figuring out how many syllables are in different words. They finished editing their nonfiction book and began writing their final draft. In math class they finished learning how to tell time to the hour and the half hour by playing a math game. They practiced making numbers to 100, adding and subtracting, and they made a monster mask using tens and ones. In science they learned about what they can do to stay healthy. They played a fun myplate game to try and make healthy eating choices. In social studies they learned about why we use maps and globes and what features can be found on each one. We also talked about memorial day and they wrote a letter to a soldier..

Ms. Syetta

Judaics Corner!

Eva Leivent

Staying safe at home
Family bonding feels good
Really miss my friends

2nd Grade

This week second grade learned about inches, feet and yards in math. They measured items in their homes with rulers and they learned how to convert inches to feet and feet to yards. In Social Studies they read about the telegraph and Memorial Day. In ELA they wrote amazing persuasive writing essays! They also studied pronouns and suffixes. I am so proud of second grade! They are amazing!

Mrs. Belli was so happy with 2nd graders test results on the unit 'Matter'!

​Ms. Dillon

Seventh Grade

Seventh graders had a busy week! 

In ELA, students are working on their argumentative essays. Some students are already finished! Meanwhile, the literature group studying White Fang has continued their reading and discussion of this classic novel. In Grammar, students reviewed the rules for comparative and superlative adverbs, and wrote beautiful paragraphs. 

In Social Studies, we learned all about the economy and society of the antebellum South. Students also learned about Nat Turner and his rebellion, and wrote beautiful paragraphs. 

Mrs. Hazen is truly proud of all of her students for being wonderful for Ms. Klahr, and completing all of their grammar and vocabulary classwork while Mrs. Hazen was away!

Fifth Grade

In SS this week the 5th graders learned about the Oregon trail and the California Gold Rush. In Math class, we finished our unit on Averages and began learning about rates. In ELA, we learned how to write a Haiku, and each wrote haikus about our experiences with distance learning. Here are a few of my favorites: 

Mr. Furhang

From the SIHA family to Mrs. Hazen:

Congratulations on your baby boy! 

A school is so much more than the brick building, and the desks and books and whiteboards contained within. 

A school is a community. 

Our community is separated now, but the love and caring between the people who make up that community has never been stronger. 

We learn, create, and most importantly, show each other how much we care. 

This week's feature is a small showcase of personal message and gestures that show the strength of the SIHA community.

Thank you all for being awesome, and keep it up. 

Fourth Grade

This week in math we completed our unit on volume. We also continued to review previous topics. In ELA we continue to work on reading comprehension and writing fictional and non fictional stories. In social Studies we started a new unit on Exploring the West. We are also memorizing states and capitals and sharing current events articles.

Mrs. Shats

From Madi Graham to Eva Leivent:


4th Grade

Fourth grade is better than ever! We are not stopping to accomplish in Be’ur Tefilla, Chumash, Parshah, Pirkei Avot… we are learning non – stop! Sometimes we take an energizing jumping jacks break!:) Keep up the great work and spirit!!

Shabbat Shalom!
Mrs. Rubinfeld

Kindergarten / First grade

This week in Kindergarten Judaics we have been reviewing our aleph bet. We enjoyed playing a special game called aleph bet duck, we had fun practicing our Hebrew letters names and checking to see if the duck was hiding underneath! This week we learnt about Lag Baomer and Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, we learnt how Rabbi Shimon had to run to a cave to hide from the Romans. Hashem made a neis and there was water and a carob tree which Rabbi Shimon ate from. This week in our Honorable Mentschen Sefira Program we learnt about listening and speaking respectfully to our parents and teachers. We learnt about the phrase "is it possible" which we use if we must correct our parents or teacher or to ask for something. For example, when asking if we can play a bit more before going to bed. All the students are doing a great job participating in class. Shabbat Shalom!

Our First Graders are getting even better at their Hebrew reading and writing. They are learning to read the words in their head, only saying the complete word in Hebrew. They have been practicing reading Perek Chaf in Tehillim a special chapter to daven to Hashem in a time of need or pain, and are getting very familiar with it. This week we learnt about the Parsha, specifically, we learnt about helping out poor people and giving tzedaka.  For homework we played a tzedaka game to review our aleph bet. Morah Kaplan is very proud of how hard all the students are working in class, and how much they have learnt!

Morah Kaplan

Yes, Ms. Ilanit and Ms. Ety drove out to where I live to give me this wonderful, extravagant, phenomenal surprise. Dr. Uzhansky was there, too, on the phone with Ms. Ilanit! 

I'm truly speechless at everyone's generosity and kindness. Thank you!

Mrs,. Hazen

First Grade

The first graders had a lot of fun learning about the properties of matter. They conducted an at-home experiment for heating and cooling with ice cubes and water. The first gradd also wrote beautiful sensory poems about Spring.

ANNOUNCEMENT:Due to the current shelter-in-place order from the Governor, SIHA is staying online through the end of June.

Middle School Science

7th grade is investigating how to determine the number of calories from fat, carbohydrates, protein and sugar are in the food they consume.  Students are making connections to their eating habits and the potential harm and good nutrition can be to our body systems.  Students are analyzing diet choices and possible diseases that can occur as a result of food choices.

8th grade is investigating biogeochemical processes.  Students will be analyzing the water cycle, the carbon cycle, the nitrogen cycle, phosphorus cycle and the oxygen cycle.  Students will summarize what is happening within each cycle and the impact each cycle has to to the environment.  Including but not limited to disruptions in each cycle and the potential affects it has on each cycle, human impact on each cycle including but not limited to runoff, pollution, and agriculture decisions.

Parsha Bamidbar

Candle Lighting - 7:55 PM

Shabbat ends - 8:58 PM

 This week we begin reading from Sefer Bamidbar, the Book of Numbers, named as such since it begins with the national census of the Israelites in the desert, a process which is repeated a few more times later as well. One may wonder what the significance of counting the people has, and why it warrants to be the key introduction to one of the five books of the Torah. Does the population count of our ancestors have any bearing on today, or serve to teach and inspire us in the service of Hashem? Why does the Torah relate the episode at all?

The answer lies in understanding why there was a counting of the Jewish people in the first place. This wasn’t simply a census the likes of which we are accustomed to, to determine funding and redistricting. Hashem wanted the people counted because they were so very precious to him, and one will always carefully and accurately count that which is valuable. Each person was important, and worthy of recognition in the eyes of G-d, and therefore needed to be meticulously counted and acknowledged. 

This is certainly inspirational, even to us so many generations later, and is really the core of the educational philosophy at SIHA. Everyone is important, can succeed and thrive. Everyone counts.

Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Tov,

Rabbi Elimelech Rosenberg, M.Ed.

Principal, SIHA

Jewish History

7th grade finished the curriculum and moved on to eighth grade work! We began learning about the dynasty of King David! 

8th grade finished the unit on the Rishonim and is moving on to learn about the Acharonim!

I am very proud of my students' amazing progress!

Eighth Grade

Eight graders had a wonderful week!

In ELA, we triumphantly finished our novel study of Fahrenheit 451. Students are looking forward to our end-of-unit project next week! In grammar, we continued our unit on punctuation by reviewing all of the different comma rules we learned and went over. 

In Social studies, this week was the end of the Vietnam War week! We learned about the election of Richard Nixon, and the withdrawal of the U.S. troops from Vietnam. We also learned about the effects of this war on the United States and Southeast Asia. 

Mrs. Hazen is proud of all of her students, but she really wants to commend Romia this week for her continued diligence.

Sixth Grade

Sixth graders had a great week! 

In ELA, students started drafting their argumentative essays. Students have been working hard on constructing their arguments and making them the best they can be. In Grammar, students learned about comparing with adverbs, and practiced writing wonderful paragraphs. 

In Social Studies, students learned all about the Peloponnesian Wars and the rule of Pericles in Ancient Greece. They also started their Greek Myths project, and read some famous Greek myths!

In Science, students learned about electricity and the uses in our daily lives. Mrs. Belli wants to mention Lana for her effort and hard work. and Gary Shamay for his participation during Science Class.

Madi Graham

Stuck inside all day
Not having fun, not at all

Middle School Judaics

Miss billowitz's class was hard at work this week! We learnt Chumash, Tefillah, Parsha, Middot and Yehadut. The girls received their Middot reports where the girls get to write about the 3 middot that most inspired. This week they wrote their outlines and they did a great job!
Have a great shabbat!
Miss Billowitz

Leading up to the holiday of Shavuot, we explored in depth the story of Rus. We learned how she was sincere in her conversion to Judaism, and ultimately her merit of being the grandmother of King David... and Mashiach! We learned about the mistakes that Elimelech made and that Hashem judged him harshly specifically because he was such a big Tzaddik. The lessons and stories are a beautiful way to bring in the upcoming holiday when we accepted the Torah as a nation.
Shabbat Shalom!
Morah Brown

Middle school boys had a great few weeks leading up to the Holiday of Shavuot, the day of the giving of the Torah. Last Friday they were privileged to hear words of encouragement and inspiration from renowned author and story teller, Rabbi Binyomin Pruzansky, author of the Stories for a Heart series and other works. Rabbi Pruzansky himself was awed and inspired by the boys dedication to learning and growing each and every morning without fail since the pandemic lockdown. Keep it up!

Rabbi Elimelech Rosenberg, M.Ed.
Principal, SIHA

A special note from Mrs. Sandler to the 3rd grade teachers:

"Thank you so much for all your hard work!"

Middle School Math

The 6th grade took 2 quizzes this week. The first one involved finding areas of irregular shapes and the latter, finding areas of shaded regions. The students are showing significant and consistent growth since our very first class. I detect a delightful  aura of confidence and comprehension in our recent zoom meetings and look forward to seeing continued progress.

The 7th grade completed their preparations for their Unit Test on 3 Dimensional Geometry. They did quite well and next week we start working on probability and statistics.
Ms. Regina’s 7th grade group is doing probability. They are working out tree diagrams and compound probability using two events. 
The 7th grade honors continues with their work on Equations. They just had their first quiz on the topic and did extremely well. Now we are focusing on solving equations for a specific variable. They seem to be struggling a bit with that but I am very optimistic that soon enough they will turn this around.

The 8th grade continues with their final exam review. They are currently practicing problems that require familiarity and full comprehension of properties of  and facts about radicals and exponents with variables. It seems as if they never learned or forgot about some of these concepts but they are absorbing and dealing with all of these quite well.

The 8th grade honors is now working on translations and dilations of non linear functions such as parabolic, square root and absolute value functions. We are currently exploring vertical and horizontal shrinks and stretches along the x and y axes using parent functions as reference point. As usual, the students in this class are performing superbly.

Third Grade

This week Grade 3 visited Mars in a spaceship and a Tyrannosaurus Rex using a (stolen) time machine. That’s right, we explored science fiction! During our grammar lessons students practiced identifying parts of speech within a sentence…using all the possibilities we have covered thus far. In math we reviewed the perimeter and introduced methods to find the area of regular and irregular shapes. Students practiced using the multiplication formula as well as the square unit grid method.

Mrs. Belli wants to thank all 3rd graders for all amazing projects and their creativities.

Miss Sasha

3rd Grade

This past week, students in 3rd grade have been learning about the upcoming Holiday of Shavuos, the giving of the 10 commandments, the mount Sinai and the story of Ruth. 
In Dikduk, they learnt the possessive pronouns and passed their DIkduk quiz with flying colors. We are incorporating some fun stretching in our morning routine during zoom class.

Our class has held a Raffle! Here are Raffle winners:

First and Second Place Winners - surprise gift! -  Evelina Bass and Izzy Hanuka
Third Place Winner - free homework pass! -  Joshua Ryzhikov 
Fourth Place winner - 4 entries for next week's raffle - Adiel Zadok

Congratulations to all of you. Keep up the great Derech Erets and Davening you do every day!

Shabbat Shalom
Mrs. Ivry

SIHA Newsletter

2nd Grade

We had another productive week of zoom learning. We are gaining speed on our reading skills and enjoy beating the clock. We learned all about the upcoming holiday of Shavout and what the Jewish nation said when we were offered the precious gift of the Holy Torah. We are also studying the Book of Ruth which is read on Shavout. Shabbat Shalom, Morah Spiegel

Shabbat Shalom 

Morah Spiegel

By: 7th Grade Awesomeness

This week's feature:


Noam Tisona;

Feel the need to speak 
Locked in a small little home 
Bored out of my mind