Fourth Grade

Our intrepid Mrs. Shats was interviewed by Shai Koldin! Additional science reporting by Yehuda Mirocznik. 

Fourth graders had a very busy week! They started their novel study of Thannha Lai’s Inside Out and Back Again. They are writing summaries of what they read, and having daily class discussions on the book. They are also learning how to use and identify pronouns in sentences. In Math Class, they are continuing their topic on decimals. They are learning how to add, subtract, and convert decimals to fractions and fractions to decimals. In Social studies, however, the students are learning about the South region of the USA. They learned about food, economy, weather, and lifestyle of people who live there. 

In Science, fourth graders are learning the flow of energy in a food web, and how to explain the predator and prey relationship. 

Fourth graders had a special guest this week! They listened to a talk from a Heather Anne Rastore, a professional writer. She spoke to students about writing, and donated some of her own books to the library. 

A great big SIHA CONGRATULATIONS to all of our wonderful students of the month:

  • Kindergarten: Levi Jamil
  • First Grade: Ayden Rozman
  • Second Grade: Jacob Khaimov
  • Third Grade: Oren Hecht
  • Fourth Grade: Sofia Sandler
  • Fifth Grade: Lily Shamay
  • Middle School: Noga Sayag

Jewish History

Mrs. Rosskamm’s students had a busy week! 

The 7th graders are learning about technology and the preparations before getting the Torah. 

The 8th graders just finished the unit on Greek rule over the Jewish people and are moving onto Roman control. The 8th graders charted 1000 years of Jewish history. 7th grade will do that next term!


Our wonderful Ms. Syetta was interviewed by Rachel Dym! 

Kindergarteners had a wonderful week! They read their first grade reader, and they all did amazing! They also learned how to edit their personal narratives. In Math, the kindergarteners learned how to solve number bonds and they played addition games .In Social studies, the students learned about different cultures. They also learned about Dr. Martin Luther King. 
Students were very excited to share their family trees. They were all wonderful! 
Ms. Syetta thinks all of her students are incredible but she would like to congratulate Levi for winning student of the month! 

​Our kindergarten class was privileged to receive a special visit from officers Mat and Craig on Friday!
As part of our local 122nd precinct’s commitment to safety, we now receive regular visits from law enforcement to provide an extra layer of visible security. We’re extra appreciative that they took the time to say hello to some of our students

A very special congratulations to our Assistant Principal for a day - Ben Jaffe! Rabbi Rosenberg was very impressed with Ben's professional attitude and charismatic bearing. He helped pass out benchers, and was of great assistance in Rabbi Rosenberg's principal duties.

He may be looking at a potential career! Great job, Ben!

Parsha Vayechi

Candle lighting - 4:29PM
Shabbat ends - 5:34PM

In this week’s Torah Portion we learn about how Yaakov (Jacob) is ailing and drawing nearer to death. His last will and testament to his children is formulated in the way of blessings to each of his twelve sons, who are destined to be the venerated Tribes of Israel. In addition, Yaakov instructs his son Yoseph (Joseph) to bring forth his two sons, Menashe and Ephraim, so that they too may receive individual blessings, and secure a position considered to be akin to being an actual son of Yaakov. When this happens, Yoseph presents Menashe, who is older, opposite the right hand of Yaakov and Ephraim opposite the left hand. Yaakov proceeds to cross his hands, placing the right hand, considered to be more significant, on the younger Ephraim and his left hand on Menashe.

Every Friday night, when a father returns from the synagogue, he blesses his children. When it comes to a daughter, the blessing includes a fervent hope that his little girl will grow to be like our great matriarchs; Sarah, Rivka, Rachel and Leah. For a son, the highest praise and ambition that the father expresses is not that he be like the patriarchs, but rather “May G-d make you like Ephraim and Menashe”. Since it was these two brothers who not only excelled in spiritual greatness, but in greatness of character as well. Menashe showed no jealousy towards his favored brother, despite him being the eldest.
Our greatest desire and ideal for our children is that they should grow up to be loving and caring people with fine character. It is only with this prerequisite that we can hope to educate them in all other areas as well.
Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Elimelech Rosenberg, M.Ed.
Principal, SIHA

Middle School Judaics

This week we had yet another wonderful assembly. Last month, we focused on lighting our own fire and thereby enabling us to lighting another's. Many students worked on complimenting their family and friends over this past month, making them aware why they are so HOT.

This month’s theme is individuality. During the assembly we discussed this topic. Students explained what individuality means to them; what makes you special, no one else is like you and how every person is different. Just like no two snowflakes are the exact same, every person has their own unique qualities that makes them, them! Hashem creates each of us with our own unique mission that no one else can fulfill! The first grade and Miss Billowitz’s class did a beautiful job portraying this in their skits. We ended our assembly with a delicious snack, SNOWFLAKES, and the new contest was given out. The students are to write down something special about themselves (something they like, talents…) on the line, this should be filled out 5/7 days in the week. We look forward to seeing the filled in charts next assembly!

Miss Billowitz
Miss Brown

Second Grade

Our amazing Mrs. Dillon was interviewed by Orian Cohen and Josh Osher! Additional science reporting by Yehuda Mirocznik. 

Second grade had a great week! In ELA, they are on the last chapter of Charlotte’s Web. They are also learning compound words. In Math, the students are learning how to tell time. In Social Studies, the second graders are learning how to make good decisions. 
They finished their project on different countries, and presented it in class this week. Everyone did great!

In Science, the second graders finished their chapter on life in the water habitat. 
Everyone is really looking forward to Winter Break! However, next week is their last week with Ms. Rebecca, and the 2nd graders are really going to miss her! 

Eighth Grade

Eighth grade had a great week! In ELA, we are wrapping up our novel study of Lord of the Flies. We are learning about allegories, and how to interpret a novel as an allegory. In particular, we will be discussing psychological and political allegory in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies. 

In grammar, we reviewed and practiced with verbals: participles, gerunds, and infinitives. Our unit test is on Monday.

In social studies, students finished their expository essays on great inventions of the 19th century. Mrs. Hazen would really like to commend Eli Tisona for his hard work on his essay! Students will be preparing a presentation to show off what they learned in class. 

Sixth Grade

Additional science reporting by Yehuda Mirocznik. 

Sixth grade had a great week! In ELA, students wrapped up their novel study of Hatchet. They also created and presented book cubes to showcase their independent reading books! In Social studies, students finished their expository essay on Ancient Egypt. They are also preparing presentations to share what they wrote about with their class.

Mrs. Hazen was particularly impressed with Yaakov Berlin’s cube. Yaakov created all of his own illustrations!  Ms. Tatic wanted to commend Doron Glickman, whose cube was very creatively decorated and colorful! 

In Science, sixth grade finished their weathering and erosion chapter. Mrs. Belli wants to commend Yisroel for all his hard work! 

Third Grade

Our wondrous Ms. Sasha was interviewed by Amiel Lavy! Additional science reporting by Yehuda Mirocznik. 

Third graders had a great week! In ELA, they finished their unit on nouns. They are also reading a new novel, and are learning to link what they learn in ELA class with Judaics and Social Studies. In Math they learned about inequalities. Students have also been practicing fire drill procedures!

Everyone is really excited about the upcoming social studies fair. Our topic is community helpers. Our Judaics project is inner strength. 

 In Science, third graders are learning about ecosystems, and competition among living animals. 


We had a packed week this week! In Kindergarten Judaics we learnt about the letters Samech and Ayin, we practiced being circly samechs and stretching out like an Ayin - eitz tree. We also started to discuss Kibud Av V'em honoring our Fathers and Mothers and are working hard to practice. We made special signs to put on our parents chairs to remind us not to sit in them without permission! We also practiced standing up when our Mommy or Daddy comes in the room! On Friday we learnt about the Parsha and made a project with Yaakov's hands switching on Menashe and Efraim's heads.

Shabbat Shalom!

Morah Kaplan

Fifth Grade

Our awesome Mr. Furhang was interviewed by Josh Yarden-Kushel. Additional science reporting by Yehuda Mirocznik. 

Fifth graders had a great week! In ELA, they composed very thoughtful journals on how to stop bullying. They also practiced their grammar in preparation for their grammar test on Friday.  Students also read about and discussed Iran in their Current Events this week. 
Mr. Furhang is proud of all of his fifth graders! 

In Science class, fifth graders are learning the importance of the water cycle. They also learned the importance of water as a resource that needs to be protected. 

By: 7th Grade Awesomeness

Seventh Grade

Seventh grade had a busy week! In ELA, students are wrapping up their novel study of Milkweed. Students also finished their independent reading novels, and created book cubes to show off their creations. Mrs. Hazen wants to commend Josh Yarden-Kushel for a very creative book cube and a very in-depth presentation showing some expert analysis! 

In grammar, students were reviewing their unit in preparation for a test next week. In Social Studies, we wrapped up our unit on the causes of the American Revolution. Students are preparing a presentation on Colonial American for their classmates next week. 

First Grade

This week in first grade we focused on our new nekuda chirik. The students are getting very good at reading big Hebrew words with all out Nekudot! We started learning about Kibud Av V'em and made skits to act out proper and improper behavior! We took home out Kibud Av V'em charts and are eagerly filling them out! When we bring them in we will get a prize!! In Parsha, we learnt about how Yaakov Avinu passes away and the story of how he was brought to Mearat Hamachpeila to be buried, ask us questions to see how much we know! 

See you next week, Shabbat Shalom!

Morah Kaplan

Special Notices!

First Grade

Our delightful Mrs. Adams was interviewed by Yosi Malka and Michael Clift!

First graders had a great week! In ELA, they read the story On my way to school and learned about plot. They also read funny animal rhymes. In Social Studies, the students created weather charts, and learned about land and water. Students also learned that Canada and Mexico are our neighbors. Students also made rattles!

Everyone is really looking forward to their project where they have to interview their parents and grandparents. Social studies fair is also coming up! Our theme this year is communities. 

Third Grade

Third graders are becoming masters of shorashim already, getting ready to learn from a chumash and build sentences in Hebrew. They were also introduced to Hebrew grammar and will be working on the Dikduk book weekly.
They learned the History of the first bet hamikdash and why we fast on the 10th of tevet.
In Parsha we learned about the blessings that Yaakov gave to each one of his 12 children, the 12 shevatim, individually. This teaches us that each one is different and we must respect and be kind to others. Third graders will be working on respecting and being kind to everyone, especially their classmates.

Shabbat shalom

Mrs Ivry

Judaics Corner!

Second grade

We had another busy week. This Shabbat the Parsha of Vayichei, the last Parsha in the book of Breishit(Genesis) is read. Our forefather Yaakov blesses his children and grandchildren. He passes away and is buried in Maarat Hamachpailoh is (Cave of Patriarchs) in the city of Chevron. We spent time reviewing the main points of the Parshiot in the Book of Breishit. We practiced our reading skills at the same time. Instead of raising hands and announcing the answers out loud, the students had several word cards on their desk,they chose the correct card to answer the questions. It was a different and fun review.

Shabbat Shalom!

Mrs. Spiegel
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SIHA Newsletter

Middle School Math

Our intrepid Mr. Martin was interviewed by Gaby Schwartz!

Seventh grade had a test in geometry, and learned about parallel and perpendicular lines, as well as properties of triangles. Students also learned about circles, arcs, and circumferences. 
Eighth grade had a test in equations and inequalities. They solved challenging word problems in arithmetic. They also started learning about functions and graphing. 
Mr. Martin would like to commend Michael for his performance in class and Gaby for her consistent delivery and effort. Mr. Martin’s favorite video game is Pokemon Shield and his favorite fruit is orange.