8th Grade ELA/Social Studies

Eight graders had a busy week! They are completing their independently-researched and written comparative essays. Mrs. Hazen is really looking forward to reading about topics as diverse as soccer and fine arts. In ELA, the students learned about the simple and perfect tenses. They also continued their novel study of Lord of the Flies. In Social Studies, we learned about the new wave of Immigration following the second industrial revolution. 

Mrs. Hazen thinks all of her 8th graders are wonderful, but she really wants to commend Bianca for being exceptionally responsible and a wonderful writer. 


Our superlative Ms. Syetta was interviewed by Rachel Dym! 

Kindergarten had a great week! They finished making their predictable books. They also learned to solve addition and subtraction problems by using one more and one less. Students also learned how to use non-standard measurement tools to measure the height of things. 
In Science, students learned all about the sun. In Social Studies, they finished their All About Me book and shared it with the class. 
Ms. Syetta would like to commend Sloane on being a Student of the Month! 
All of the kindergarteners are looking forward to their Roller Jam Trip! 

Jewish History

Dear Parents, 

Our SIHA stars did a great job on their unity project and I am proud to announce the winners:

1st-Sarit Iunger
2nd-Ariella Ilishayev
5th-Madison Graham
6th Ariella Shindelman
7th Gaby Schwartz
8th-Jessely Levin

Our after school canteen is off to a great start and we are looking forward to expanding it very soon. 

Mrs. Rosskamm

Parsha Vayetzei

Candle Lighting 4:10 PM

Shabbat ends 5:14 PM

In this week’s Torah portion we discuss the journey of Yaakov, son of Yitzchak and grandson of Abraham, as he leaves the land of Israel and travels to Padan Aram to find a wife from his relatives, and not from the accursed Canaanites. When he departs, he is broke and penniless, and as his journey is about to take him out of the holy land, he goes to sleep and has a dream. He sees angels going up and down a ladder. G-d is atop the ladder, and promises that he will guard over Yaakov, and return him to the Land of Israel.

The remainder of the parsha is a whirlwind of growth and blessing for Yaakov that spans over twenty years. Yaakov gets married, has eleven (of eventual 12) sons, and amasses great wealth in his father-in-law’s home, all while maintaining his integrity and honesty despite being in an environment of dishonesty and trickery.

Finally it is time for Yaakov to return home, and the Torah concludes with the mentioning of Yaakov meeting back up with the angels, the same ones who had gone up the ladder upon his departure from the Land of Israel. These angels were designated to guard him in the land, and had been awaiting his return to escort him home.

When a baby is born, an angel is present. It asks the child to swear that the soul given to them will one day be returned in purity, as it was given. Then the journey of life begins until the day when the soul is returned, and the angle is there to greet it upon its return home. When we keep this in mind, and focus on what is important in life changes, and life’s journey is enormously enhanced.

Shabbat Shalom,
Elimelech Rosenberg
Principal, SIHA 

Second Grade

Our amazing Mrs. Dillon was interviewed by Orian Cohen and Josh Osher.

Second graders had a great week! In math, the students started practicing multiplication. In ELA, they started reading the classic children’s novel - Charlotte’s Web. They have also been practicing their script writing! 

In Social Studies, students started doing a project on different regions in New York State. They are going to finish this project next week .

All of the second graders are really looking forward to their Roller Jam Trip! 

Mrs. Dillon is really proud of all of her hard-working students! 

Congratulations to our Students of the Month for November/Cheshvan:

K-  Sloane Garber

1st- Michael Groys

2nd- Zohar Zadok

3rd- Jacky Bunick

4th- Charles Grego

5th- Ethan Mekler

Middle School- Lana Mednik

​Mazal Tov!!! We are so proud of you!!

7th and 8th Grade Science with Ms. Giordano

 8th Graders are learning about biochemical processes such as diffusion, active transport, osmosis, cellular respiration, enzyme activity.  Students will be completing an enzyme lab on Thursday, November 7, and will be conducting one of the NYS Mandated Labs, Diffusion Through Membrane.  This lab provides students with the opportunity to investigate, make claims, provide evidence with hands on experience as they watch glucose diffuse across the membrane in a hands on investigation.
7th Graders are learning how to effectively write in Science through a process called CER (Claim Evidence Reasoning).  Students will investigate and answer questions by making claims and supporting their claims with evidence. Students will be learning about cellular respiration.

All of my students are working very hard!

7th Grade ELA/Social Studies

Seventh graders had a very busy week! They are learning to write long-responses, and are composing beautiful paragraphs. In ELA, we continued our novel study of Milkweed. We also learned all about personal pronouns and their antecedents. In Social Studies, students learned all about the early colonial history of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We also wrote wonderful summary paragraphs about current events. 

Mrs. Hazen is proud of all of her students, but she really wants to commend Gaby this week for working very hard! 

SIHA Newsletter

Middle School Math

Our wonderful Mrs. Ortiz was interviewed by Gaby Schwartz! 

Mrs. Ortiz enjoyed her Thanksgiving break, but she thinks she ate a little too much. This week 8th Grade Honors is finishing up Chapter 3 on functions, domain, and range. 8th grade learned how to solve challenging word problems with algebra. They also started reviewing inequalities. 7th grade Honors is learning about circumference and area of circles. 7th grade learned about scale factors and solving word problems using a unit rate. 6th Honors reviewed rational numbers, opposites, and absolute value. We started going over simplifying fractions with a GCF. Test next week 12/11. 

Ms. Ortiz would like everyone to know that her favorite season is the summer.

First Grade

Our benevolent Mrs. Adams was interviewed by Yosi Malka and Michael Clift!

First graders had a great week! They read a story about maps, and they learned how to read maps! In Science, students learned all about minerals and rocks. They also learned about weather. 
In ELA, students wrote wonderful stories about a favorite class trip. All of the first graders are looking forward to their Chanuka trip!

Thank you for reading,
Yosi and Michael


Third Grade

Our impeccable Ms. Sasha was interviewed by Amiel Lavy

3rd grade sure has been up to a lot of stuff! They are now learning singular and plural nouns and have new vocab for math which are: subtrahend, and addents. Third graders are now on chapter 5 of their class novel,  and are doing SAT-10 practice. They have way more words of the day including: confiscate, lollygag, fathom, dupe, jovial, and combustible. (Mrs. Hazen’s note: Amiel’s vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds.
Last week’s thanksgiving feast was a whopping 3 hours long, and was so big they still have leftovers! 

In conclusion, I must note, Oren still likes pizza.

Note from Ms. Belli:

Thank you to Mrs. Factor for a great visual aid! 

By: 7th Grade Awesomeness

Judaics Corner!

6th grade ELA/Social Studies

6th graders had a great week! In ELA, they continued their novel study of Hatchet, and wrote wonderful journal entries about plot and conflict. Students also learned about plural and possessive nouns, as well as pronouns. In Social Studies, students continued their Egypt unit by learning about the Middle Kingdom of Egypt. Last week, they made baskets out of reed, and their upcoming project involves papyrus. 

Ms. Tatic thinks all of her students are wonderful, but she really wants to commend Lana for being well-prepared and participating beautifully in class. 

​In science, 6th graders learned about volcanoes! 

2nd Grade

We had another wonderful week at SIHA. Monday was our monthly Rosh Chodesh Assembly. (Rosh Chodesh was actually the previous Thursday and Friday,but since there was no school the monthly assembly was held on a Monday) The second graders did a wonderful job speaking and singing so beautifully. They sang some Chanukah songs and performed a short skit about how our holy Torah which is our guidebook for life is compared to fire which illuminates the world with its wisdom ,and how one good deed leads to another. We began learning about Chanukah,learning many new vocabulary words, as well as practicing our reading skills and studying the weekly Parsha. In this weeks Parsha we learn about the correct way of greeting guests when they come to visit us. ( We don’t say “do you have a present for me?” Rather, we give them a big smile and invite them in to eat and drink. When Lavan met Yaakov in this weeks Parsha he assumed he would have much jewelry and money with him just as Eliezer had when he came to look for a wife for Yitzchok,and when he greeted him he was trying to see what possessions he had with him. We also learn to be careful not to embarrass anyone from our mother Rochel. Even though Rochel wanted to marry Yaakov very much. She did not want her sister to be embarrassed at the wedding. She therefore selflessly gave Leah the secret sign Yaakov had given her in case Lavan would try to switch the bride as he did. 

Shabbat Shalom!

4th Grade

Our stupendous Mrs. Shats was interviewed by Shai Koldin! 

Fourth Grade had a wonderful week!  They are reading a novel called ‘Flora and Ulysses’. They are also busy preparing for the state test, and are doing reading comprehension. In addition to that, the 4th graders are practicing writing wonderful paragraphs. In math, students finished their unit on operations in fractions, and completing multi-step problems with fractions. In Social Studies, the students are writing about current events, and have just finished their unit on Exploring the East. 
Students finished their projects on ‘All about me’, and ‘Our dream vacation’.
The fourth graders are preparing for a sudoku competition, and are really looking forward to it! 

Mrs. Shats is very proud of all of her students, but she really wants to commend Sofia on diligently working on her writing .

Special Feature: Rosh Chodesh Assembly! 

On Monday,  SIHA hosted an exciting assembly in honor of the month of Kisleiv. This month's theme focuses around fire. We use fire to light the Chanuka Menorah. At the assembly, we also discussed a different kind of fire. We spoke about how every one of us has a soul, a special fire within which makes us "hot". We are special, we are GREAT! 

When we feel our flame, and realize our value, we are able to spread it to others and light their flame as well.

The contest for this month is to give another a compliment when you notice something great in them. Spread the warmth of your wonderful fire, and make everyone shine brighter! 

We gave out hot tamales for refreshments, continuing with our theme!

Fifth Grade

Special reporting by amazing Madi Graham and spectacular Eva Leivent

This week, fifth grade practiced fractions in Math and had a very hard test! However, Eva and Madi both thought it was easy. The students are reading Witches by Roald Dahl in ELA. On Fridays, students did lyrical analysis of 60s songs! (Eww, said Madi). In Social Studies, students learned about the 13 original colonies.

Mr. Furhang also started using a new projector! Students now have to write notes and they absolutely, absolutely love it. Especially Madi.