As parents, we all support our children with their education. As the PTA, we work collaboratively to 
support the faculty, staff, parents and most importantly our SIHA children through many events, 
programs and volunteer opportunities. We are dedicated to securing an excellent education for

our children and supporting the values of our school. Together we can ensure that every child

succeeds. It is a wonderful opportunity as parents to get involved, enriching SIHA, while making

a difference in the lives of our children. Volunteering not only gives us a chance to directly

impact the success of our many projects, but it helps build friendships with other parents as well.

Through our many different fundraising events, the funds raised have helped enhance our school

in so many ways. SIHA PTA sponsors several events that strengthen the SIHA community and the educational partnership between home and school. In addition to book fairs, teachers’ and staff appreciation, creating SIHA’s own library, purchasing various school supplies, helping organize fundraising events and social outings, we also partake in majority of school organized events. Other examples include transportation for trips when yellow busing is not available, venue rental for Mother’s day and Victory day concert, various workshops for kids including Matza and Challah baking, Purim party, Chanukah cookies for kids and Chanukah concert decorations, items for classrooms such as a rug for the Kindergarten classroom, end of year BBQ, end of year school trip, staff appreciation night, lice checks and many other smaller yet significant things that help grow our school and community while enriching our kids. SIHA PTA also supports parties that take place for the whole Staten Island Community. These programs connote a sense of belonging amongst our students and their parents. In order to be successful, we know that the support and involvement of parents, the faculty and staff, as well as our community is of utmost importance. We urge you to show your commitment and become a member of the PTA team. Participating in the PTA is fun and easy and can positively impact both your child’s and your own SIHA experience. Share your good ideas, your energy, your time and talent, help your school and have fun in the process! If you cannot join the team, participate in the numerous events and programs. Your participation might be that of a committee member, volunteer, class mom or dad or merely as an attendee. Whatever level of participation you select, your time and involvement will certainly be appreciated. 

We are always looking for suggestions and ideas, so please feel free to contact us via email or by phone and/or or call us at 646-765-4771 or 718-781-4045

Regina Agres – PTA Co-President & Treasurer  

Regina immigrated to Kansas City, USA at the age of 16 from Odessa, Ukraine. She graduated with Honors from Avila College with Bachelor’s degree in Radiology. Soon she relocated to New York where she worked in the field of  Radiology. Few years later, she made a career change to pursue a pharmaceutical industry job. She worked for several leading pharmaceutical companies until 2007 when she had her twins, Zachary and Elliott, both proud SIHA students. After having kids, she put her career on hold and decided to dedicate her time to family.  Currently she is raising her 3 kids, Zachary, Elliott, and Joshua and is actively involved in SIHA’s life.  Regina joined SIHA in 2012 when her kids started there as kindergartners. SIHA has a unique way of teaching kids fundamental values, Jewish heritage, and excellent secular curriculum while providing loving and caring environment for all.  This warmth draws people closer together and we grow as one family.

Irene Keselman – PTA Co-President  

Irene was born in Kiev, Ukraine and came to the US with her family back in 1991. Irene holds a degree in Managerial Finance from the College of Staten Island and a BS in Legal Studies from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Irene has over 17 years of experience in the Intellectual Property field, is an energetic leader who provided leadership to various global companies in the past and is currently running her own IP consulting group, sits as a VP of Operations for Dakomoda, a kids' clothing company, and runs a Photography business. Irene and her 
husband, Michael, are also raising their two sons, one of which is a current SIHA student while the other is a bit too young for school for now. Irene is a strong believer in good education and in SIHA with its ethical development, broad Jewish curriculum as well as very strong secular progam. Irene has been involved in the school since 2013 and has joined the Parent Teacher Association in September 2014. 

Julie Rizov 

Was born in Gomel Belarus and immigrated to the United States with her family in 1988. Julie graduated CSI with a degree in Business Management, and currently runs a medical office in Brooklyn. Julie and her husband Vadim are currently raising 3 kids, twins, who are currently in High School, and younger son, who is a SIHA student. Julie is strong advocate of teaching children at a young age proper Jewish values. Julie was the PTA president in 2014 - 2015 school year and continues to contribute and help children succeed. 

Yelena Kravchenko – School Nurse  

Was born in the Ukraine. Growing up she did not know anything about her Jewish heritage, except the fact that she was a Jew. Holidays were never celebrated, not even mentioned. But she loved listening to her grandmother singing songs in Yiddish. After immigrating to the U.S. with her family in 1991, she was able to receive exposure to the Jewish culture and traditions. It made her realize exactly what was missing in her life. Yelena successfully graduated from Hunter College with BS in Nursing and began a long and exciting career in the healthcare field. Currently she is devoting her time to raising her wonderful boys, both SIHA students. Since good education was always stressed by her family, she believes that SIHA, with its rigorous curriculum, gives a solid start for a successful future for our children. And the fact that the school has strong Jewish traditions, teaching the children the values and morals of Torah, makes it the perfect fit. Yelena has been part of PTA for the last few years and is looking forward to continue being actively involved this year as well. 

Stella Goldengur - Culinary Board Lead  

Was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and immigrated to US with her family in 1993. After successful completion of middle school and high school 
(Nefesh Academy and James Madison), she attended NYU Stern School of Business and graduated with Honors BS in Finance & Information Systems. Currently, Stella is working at a leading global financial services company as a Global Client Metrics manager and together with her husband is raising two beautiful boys, one of whom is a SIHA student. Stella has fond memories of all Jewish holidays from her childhood and cherishes all the values and principles her parents and educators instilled in her. Hence, she truly believes in SIHA, which provides rigorous secular education as well as moral and ethical development through its Jewish curriculum, which is instrumental to the successful future of our 
children. Stella has been a Culinary Board Lead in the past three years with our Parent Teacher Association. 

Dr. Alla Zlotina  

Graduate of SUNY College of Optometry, Dr. Zlotina, is a mother of three boys and a big supporter of Jewish education. She works as an optometrist part time and devotes her free time to volunteer for various SIHA events that are going on throughout the year.  She is a proud member of the SIHA family and believes that school provides excellent secular education as well as teaches kids about Jewish heritage. The foundation that the kids get at SIHA will carry them forward for many years to come.  As a PTA member, Dr. Zlotina, hopes to make a positive contribution to the success and growth of the kids of SIHA.

Dina Sandler

Was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and immigrated to US with her family in 1995. After attending JEC and Bruriah High School for five years she has successfully learned Hebrew literacy as well as Jewish History and biblical studies which are instilled in her life today. Dina has graduated 
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and immediately started working for one of the top Investment Banks, Morgan Stanley as a Financial Analyst. Currently, she works for JP Morgan Chase as a Subject Matter Expert for Finance & Risk Operations overseeing timeliness, completeness and accuracy of the data on behalf of Finance & Risk. Together with her husband Ilya Sandler, who is an Immunology Product Specialist, she has joined the PTA committee in hopes to provide support to teachers/administrators, and adhere to the warm and educational environment that SIHA has to offer to every student in the school. Dina and Ilya have one daughter in 
kindergarten this year, and hope that her younger siblings will join the SIHA family in the following years B"H. They strongly believe in SIHA's vigorous and engaging curriculum, high moral discipline and importance of Jewish education.

Kareen Leivent - Class Mom for 1st grade  

Was born in Ra'anana, Israel. Her family immigrated to the United States when she was nine years old. Kareen graduated from Brooklyn College with a B.A. in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology and received her M.S. from Long Island University in Communication Sciences and Disorders specializing in bilingualism. Currently, she works as a speech-language pathologist in Brooklyn and Staten-Island. Kareen and her husband Craig, a doctor of pharmacology, have three children. The importance of Jewish and Israeli culture, holidays, including traditions, Hebrew language and morals are significant in their lives, home and family. This was their reasoning in choosing SIHA as the school for their children since it continues to instill the importance of Jewish heritage and love of the Torah together with very strong secular studies. 

Yana Postel-Kotlyar – Culinary Board  

Was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and immigrated to the US in the early ‘90’s. Yana graduated from New York University with a Master’s 
Degree in Clinical Social Work. Having over 10 years of experience in developing programs for children and adolescents, she is armed with strong clinical skills to assist the child, adolescent and adult population with a gamut of concerns.  Yana and her husband understand the importance of a small and nurturing education setting, along with traditional values and have thus chosen to send their older child to SIHA.