Dear Parents: 

Due to school closure,Judaics class will now be given online. I hope it will run smoothly, this is a learning experience for all of us. As always,questions and comments are welcome. It’s best to what’s app me at 347 816-3075. We will be meeting through the zoom platform. You should have all received the link. You may need to download the software or app depending upon the device. All students are expected to have audio and visual capabilities. Please make sure the device being used is stable(does not need to be held by the student) and is plugged into a power source. When the students log into the video conference please make sure they are in a quiet  place,can be seen,can hear and are NOT on mute. Students should be sitting at a desk/table,dressed appropriately and have their Judaic folder,pencils,crayons, glue stick, scissors and colored pencils with them. As we are getting close to Pesach we will be working on our Haggdahs. I am going to try my best to hand deliver the Haggdahs to your home within the next couple of days along with materials they will need. All handouts the children will need will be sent out by 9:00 pm the night before. The handouts which we will G-d willing use tomorrow were sent out already.  Looking forward to a productive few weeks. Keep Well! Morah Spiegel