Why give your child a Jewish education?

In the world we live today, values and morals of our past are often pushed aside for the sake of the progressive    strides in technology and information sharing to which our generation is privy. Unfortunately, the natural process of character development is reduced to one’s environmental adaptation, and such terms as “dignity”, “nobility”, and “communal responsibility” emerge as archaic, and at times antagonistic to the popular trend. For a child to succeed not only as a student, but as a human being as well, a strong understanding of “self” is required, so that they not only see themselves as an individual, but as a part of history and humanity.

30%  of the school day is spend on Judaic Studies:

  • 10% - Hebrew language- reading Siddur, breaking down the meaning of words through Chumash
  • 10% - Holiday and Traditions/ Jewish Ethics
  • 10% - Jewish History intertwined with the Land/State of Israel
  • Preparation for the BJE in 7th and 8th grades

Judaic Studies becomes fun with our extracurricular and family programming:

  • Color Wars for Israeli Independence Day
  • Lag Ba’Omer Relay races
  • Israeli Movie Night
  • Siddur Play/ Chumash Mesiba
  • Yearly SIHA Shabbaton
  • Channukah Concert/ Celebration
  • Purim Party